Think That You Don’t Need Latent Defects Insurance?

Think That You Don’t Need Latent Defects Insurance?Regular readers of our news pages will recall numerous articles in which we discuss the many different benefits of taking out Latent Defects Insurance. One thing we have not mention in great detail are the consequences you may face by not being protected by this kind of cover. So, in today’s article, we are asking “what are the consequences of not having Latent Defects Insurance?”

We will start by giving a very brief outline of Latent Defects Insurance, you will recall that it is designed to cover the cost of complete or partial rebuilding or to rectifying any work to your property which has been affected by any damage attributable to a defect in its design, caused by poor workmanship or poor materials etc.

One of the main consequences of not having such a policy then is to undergo a lengthier claims process, one in which, in the worst case scenario can lead to a loss of earnings. Proving negligence against a third party is not always as simple as you may think. Even though you may believe that you have sufficient evidence to win the case, the process may still take some time to resolve. Claims aside, the whole process can end up being extremely costly, and I’m sure that you would agree this is another unwanted scenario.

So, in summary, a building owner may face the following difficulties when not being protected by Latent Defects Insurance:

  • Difficulty seeking a fast resolution to the claim
  • Difficulty proving negligence against the third party, and them accepting liability
  • Difficulty claiming against construction or building companies that may no longer be operating
  • Difficulty claiming against third parties, for the required amount

Latent Defects Insurance cuts out the middle man and sees your claim right through until its conclusion. More importantly, it delivers absolute piece of mind. If you are a new property owner, and believe and see the importance of this kind of insurance, do not hesitate to contact us at Watson Laurie today. Our team of experts are hand to assist you with all of your Latent Defects Insurance needs.


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