Why Choose Latent Defects Insurance

So, why should you choose Latent Defects Insurance? Because it’s a type of insurance that protects property owners who have been involved in a new build from any construction work faults and negligence. Latent Defects Insurance is like the bricks and mortar of your property, it is there to protect you from damage to the property caused by a defect in the initial design, workmanship and materials.

It is always important to protect your investment whether it’s through business insurance, home insurance, health insurance or contents insurance. One of the key attributes of having Latent Defects Insurance is that it doesn’t require a mountain of legal paperwork including Architect’s Certificates, Professional Indemnity, Collateral Warranties or even proof of the fault. All that the Latent Defects Insurance claim would require is proof of the fault. It reduces the overall timescale of the claim and parties involved, plus it has proven to be more cost-effective.

Latent Defects Insurance is a protection product that is available for both residential and commercial property owners.

Investing in a new build property can be costly and risky, which is why it is important that as the property owner you cover all corners in the build. Latent Defects Insurance covers all the corners and gaps in the construction work.

Cover yourself and your property today with Latent Defects Insurance. Contact Watson Laurie today for more information.

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