Benefits of Hiring Independent Commercial Insurance Brokers

Independent commercial insurance brokers are a dying breed, and yet choosing one can have distinctive advantages. This article lists a few of them.

There are not many independent commercial insurance brokers left in the financial world anymore. Most offices nowadays are owned by a broker network, a consolidator, or another form of conglomerate. Yet independent firms boast a number of advantages over their competitors, which many people are sadly not aware of. The article below lists only a few of the perks of hiring an independently run insurance company.

Personalised Attention

Independent commercial insurance brokers can give their customers a level of attention larger insurers simply cannot. Due to their often smaller client base and more localised nature, these companies are able to go into each case in much more detail than larger, corporately-owned companies. Customers who sign on with an independent broker are, therefore, often able to get far more in-depth and relevant advice about their case than those using larger offices.

Human Interaction

One of the most frustrating aspects of dealing with large corporate companies is how increasingly automated their customer service and enquiry services are. Large commercial insurance brokers are no different, and their query services tend to be internet-based and highly impersonal. In independent companies, on the other hand, this task continues to be mostly carried out by real humans with a voice and a face. This allows customers working with independent brokerage companies to both know who they are dealing with and potentially establish a personal relationship with their broker, thereby ensuring them a better customer experience overall.

These two factors may seem fairly minimal on the grand scheme of things, yet businesses and individuals who do sign on with independently-run commercial insurance brokers quickly understand why it is often worth paying a little more to benefit from them. At Watson Laurie, we have known it all along, which is why we remain as proudly independent as the day we opened, twenty-five years ago.

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