Building a Solid Structure

If you’ve never heard of latent defects insurance, there’s no reason to worry, though you may have heard it previously called structural warranty insurance or structural guarantee. It’s a type of insurance which is specifically designed to indemnify the policyholder against any claims discovered in the insurance period, with policies similarly designed to cover costs such as those incurred when completely or partially rebuilding buildings damaged by defects in design, workmanship or materials.

It’s the ideal insurance package to opt in for if you’re looking to protect your investment, as it does not rely on architect’s certificates, collateral warranties and professional indemnity. What’s more, it only requires proof of a defect rather than proof of fault, ensuring that you can avoid the costly complications caused by having to prove your case when a party denies liability.

As leading commercial insurance brokers, any kind of development on both commercial and residential properties can be fully covered by latent defects insurance that we’re more than able to help you out with. We’ll make the placement of any business far easier for you by eliminating the need to approach more than one carrier, accommodating the warranty needs of your business with ease and expertise that you just wouldn’t find anywhere else.

We’ll give you one central point of contact to our commercial insurance brokers through which we’ll be able to provide bespoke offerings and a uniquely professional insight into the entire warranty market, allowing you to focus on your own core business activities and relax knowing life is being made much easier than it might have been otherwise. Why not get in touch today for cost effective latent defects insurance you won’t regret investing in?

Our team knows exactly how to make the most of any service, ensuring that we’re commercial insurance brokers who will never let you down when it comes to latent defects insurance. If you’re looking for top standards of latent defects insurance no matter what, make sure you don’t wait to pick up the phone or drop us an online enquiry. Our contact details are just waiting for you online, after all!

Building a Solid Structure

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