How Can Commercial Insurance Brokers Help Schools?

How Can Commercial Insurance Brokers Help Schools?Commercial insurance brokers are generally thought to specialise in areas concerning business insurance, and little else. However, contrary to popular belief, these types of insurers often branch out to other areas of the insurance field, which may not necessarily be related to businesses or corporations.

One such field is education. Many commercial insurance brokers are not prepared to tackle the challenge of brokering insurance policies for schools and other educational establishments, but those who are, such as Watson-Laurie, can generally provide a wide, comprehensive range of services to these types of institutions.

In Watson-Laurie’s case, for example, we are able to handle most of the basic insurance requirements an education establishment might be in need of. These include, but are not limited to, property damage cover, employee insurance, school trip cover, group personal accident cover, cover for governors, and even insurance for school vehicles, such as minibuses. In addition to these standard services, we also offer personalised solutions to fit each client’s needs, and work with them to ensure their insurance package is tailored to their exact liking.

It goes without saying that these services can be extremely useful to schools. The safety of children is a priority in society as a whole, and school is a place where they deserve to feel, and be, particularly secure. As such, it is important that not only them but also their caretakers and the school premises themselves be properly insured, to prevent against any eventuality regardless of its nature. Commercial insurance brokers who are experienced in working with schools and academies, as is the case with Watson-Laurie, can help ensure this requirement is met, and thereby contribute to make sure school children, staff, equipment and the premises themselves are appropriately insured and secured against any mishaps which may occur in the course of everyday learning.

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