Latent Defects Insurance – Everything you need to know

Latent Defects Insurance is often referred to as Structural Warranty Insurance or Structural Guarantee. This type of insurance is designed to protect the owner of a property from any damage that has been caused once the building has been complete, which isn’t the owners fault but the original contractors. Therefore, they would be liable.

For example, if the roof of your building collapsed shortly after the building work was complete and further investigation indicated that the fault was due to negligence to the original building and construction work, then this is where your Latent Defects Insurance would come into play to protect you. Plus, Latent Defects will shorten the overall claim period. There are various scenarios in which Latent Defects Insurance could cover you from faulty building work, which was caused by the original contractors. Just to get in touch with Watson Laurie to find out more.

Having standard building insurance is one thing, but having Latent Defects Insurance is just as important if not more, and remember, both insurances are different. Latent Defects Insurance can cover for all the niggly bits, as well covering all corners and the only proof of the fault that you would need to display is proof of the defect. Plus, it’s more cost effective and less stressful, which is something that suits everyone during a claim process.

Both residential and commercial buildings can be covered with Latent Defects Insurance, and our most recent insurance cover was for a multi-storey carpark. I bet you didn’t see that one coming!

So whether you’ve moved into a new build or you just want some more information about Latent Defects Insurance and how it can help you, just contact our friendly and expert professionals over at Watson Laurie today.

Please provide us with a few brief details and one of our friendly, expert staff will come back to you, as soon as possible.

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