Retiring couldn’t be easier

We believe that everyone should enjoy and look forward to retiring. All those years of hard grafting, waking up at the crack of dawn to complete a 9 hour day at work, 5 days a week (on average), the thought of retiring is like the like the light at the end of the tunnel for many. If you think about it, the majority of people start work from the age of 16 and will retire in their mid-60s, that’s around 50 years of working! Sorry if that sounds a little daunting, but we’re here to put a spring back in your step and provide you with our retirement planning advice service.

The updated pension pot that was implemented in April this year has changed how retirees can access their pension by allowing them to have more freedom and control, which is why Watson Laurie are eager to help you effectively plan your pension and retirement.

There is no need to put retirement planning to one side until later on life, it’s always advisable to plan early and have a safety net in place for the when the day comes to hang up your work clothes and enjoy retirement. Plus, the pension rules can change, so with our expert retirement planning knowledge, your pension and retirement will be stress free and rewardable.

According to ‘This is Money’, over 50% of retirees have been using the new pension rules to dip into their pension and haven’t done any research on what other deals there are available to them. Many people have stayed loyal to the company that they have been with since they began their pension plan rather than looking to see what other deals there out there. With the new pension pot that has been made available, it is important that you are receiving the best possible pension and retirement plan, which is where Watson Laurie can help.

It is important to do some research into retirement planning and to find an investment option that is best suited to you. According to ‘This is Money’, 45% of savers took the first pension and retirement planning investment that was offered to them, and withdrew regular income from it. This is known as drawdown where your pension pot is left invested and regular income is taken from it, instead of using the money to buy an annuity from an insurance company. In simple terms, your pension pot is simply another source of income that will eventually run out. When the pension pot changes came alive in April ’15, £1.3bn opted for the drawdown option.

For more information about retirement planning or if you have any questions about the various pension investment options available to you, or if you want our expert team to go through your existing investment, then just get in touch with us today.

Please provide us with a few brief details and one of our friendly, expert staff will come back to you, as soon as possible.

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