What Makes A Chartered Commercial Insurance Broker Special?

What Makes A Chartered Commercial Insurance Broker Special?Here at Watson-Laurie, we are proud to call ourselves a chartered commercial insurance broker company. However, while this title is certain to come across as impressive to specialists within our sector, few of our clients are likely to know exactly what it actually means. That is why, in this blog post, we will be attempting to offer a brief explanation of what the term ‘chartered’ means, and why it is a motive for pride for most insurance companies and brokers.

The term ‘chartered commercial insurance broker’ refers to one of several types of insurance chartering certifications granted by the Chartered Insurance Institute, to award outstanding levels of commitment, professionalism, knowledge and ethics within an organisation. This prestigious title is currently held by less than 200 insurance brokers across the United Kingdom, and Watson-Laurie are certainly very proud to count themselves within this number!

To qualify for chartered status, a company must observe a series of fixed standards set by the CII, including being a member of the CII, having at least one officially certified chartered commercial insurance broker on its board, adhering to the CII code of ethics, and possessing an adequate professional development programme.

A chartered practice certification has a number of benefits for any practitioner who possesses it. In addition to the certification itself being a mark of respectability among peers, a chartered commercial insurance broker will, for instance, be a highly attractive place to work, ensuring these companies are able to attract the highest standard of staff; Watson-Laurie certainly has! Similarly, this title gives clients a guarantee that they will be dealing with an ethical, professional and committed insurance brokerage company, and will receive the highest level of service for they money.

With this in mind, it has hopefully become evident just why we at Watson-Laurie are so proud to work for a chartered commercial insurance broker!




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