Protecting yourself from ‘cowboy’ workmen

There is nothing worse than a shoddy ‘cowboy’ workman/woman coming along to complete a job in the most unjustified and unprofessional way possible. I’m sure we’ve all dealt with ‘cowboys’ in the past and unfortunately, once the job has been completed, they are nowhere to be seen and you end up spending twice as much getting the job completed again, or for any repair works. It is important to protect yourself from situations like this, which is why the Government has approved Latent Defects Insurance.
We understand that not everyone is familiar with Latent Defects Insurance, but it is something that is worth considering when investing in the construction of a new build property. Latent Defects Insurance will protect you from any problems within the construction work, no matter how big or small it is.
If you wanted to look at Latent Defects Insurance on a simpler term, it’s basically an insurance scheme which has been government approved to protect homeowners and property owners from ‘shoddy’ workmanship. It also removes the need for the property owner to fund legal action if something was to happen within the structural work.
Latent Defects Insurance is popular and existent across the world in countries such as Canada and America, as well as across the EU. It is also a legal requirement that the developer takes out a policy before any construction is begins.
If you are looking to get involved with the construction of owning a new build property, then contact Watson Laurie today so our team of professionals can discuss Latent Defects Insurancewith you in more detail.

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