A Stand Out Service For All Sizes

Does your business work on a small scale, but still requires top quality insurance which works to minimise individual business risks expertly and professionally? Look no further than right here at Watson Laurie!

Ours is a leading name in the world of commercial insurance brokers not least of all for our ability to bring our services to small and medium sized businesses, as we always go that extra mile to ensure the best result no matter what kind of scale your enterprise is working on. We’ll get to know all of the specifics of your business and what you need, and it’s only after we have a full understand that we’ll provide a solid layer of cover that keeps you safe, secure and stress-free.

Working as a dynamic and highly adaptable team for over 25 years now, our team of fantastic commercial insurance brokers have been applying the very latest risk management techniques alongside a comprehensive knowledge of the market and a tremendously personalised approach which is more than able to meet the needs and requirements of any small or medium scale enterprise. We have a long history of placement, risk management and auditing experience with small, new start size businesses, ensuring that we understand exactly what you’ll need even if you’ve just gotten underway.

What’s more, we’re proud to be one of the only commercial insurance brokers in the UK to have been awarded the prestigious ‘Chartered Insurance Broker’ status, given by the Chartered Insurance Institute itself. When you invest in the many services that we’re readily able to provide, you can relax knowing that you’re safely in the right hands, so don’t wait to do just that.

Next time you find yourself looking for the very best chartered commercial insurance brokers to provide for smaller scale enterprises, make sure you don’t miss out on what our team of highly knowledgeable experts could do for you. We’re here to serve whenever you need our comprehensive insight and experience, and we’re more than happy for you to get in contact whenever you can. We can’t wait to hear from you!

A Stand Out Service For All Sizes

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