Three Areas Commercial Insurance Brokers Offer Service In

Commercial insurance brokers are an extremely useful ally to have for anyone who runs a business, particularly if said business is a start-up or medium sized company. By helping entrepreneurs navigate the often complex world of commercial insurance, these kinds of companies can actively contribute to the financial well-being of businesses, and ensure they are protected against all the most common risks of their trade.

In addition, while certain commercial insurance brokers will specialise in a particular area, such as Watson Laurie with latent defect insurance, most will provide businesses with services across a variety of areas. Detailed below are three of the most common fields these types of companies tend to operate in.


Not only small and medium businesses need the help of commercial insurance brokers; many of these firms find themselves being contacted by larger corporations as well. Watson Laurie is no exception, and our corporate services are highly sought-after!


Most commercial insurance brokers are not all about the money. Proof of this is that many companies, including Watson Laurie, offer insurance services to charities and non-profit organisations. These outfits are just as worth supporting as corporations or businesses, and many commercial insurance brokers do not hesitate to do so.


Finally, there is the type of commercial insurance aimed specifically at small and medium enterprises. For many commercial insurance brokers, this is the most common type of service offered, and the majority of companies tend to have a number of insurance packages specifically tailored for these types of businesses. Watson Laurie is no different, as we offer ready-made or bespoke packages for small and medium businesses across a variety of areas.

These are, of course, only three of a variety of areas commercial insurance brokers such as Watson Laurie specialise in. However, they are often the most prominent parts of such a business, and the ones bringing in the most clients, justifying their inclusion on this list.


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