Three Essential Traits for Commercial Insurance Brokers

Three Essential Traits for Commercial Insurance BrokersIn the modern insurance landscape, commercial insurance brokers play a key role as not only mediating agents between customers and insurers, but also sources of information about the field to the average, uninitiated layman or woman.

Naturally, this dual role brings about the need for commercial insurance brokers to have a very specific profile, as well as a certain set of characteristics conducive to not only dealing with and serving customers, but also educating them. Listed below are only three of the characteristics a good commercial insurance broker should have in order to excel at his or her job.


Empathy is the number one requirement for any customer service role, and it is no different for commercial insurance brokers. On the contrary, in a field about which many people tend to feel confused and lost, it is important that a brokerage agent knows how to make them feel at ease and in good hands. Empathy plays a large part in this process, and it is therefore not hard to understand why it is an important asset for insurance brokers.


As designated experts in a field as complex as insurance, it is naturally desirable that commercial insurance brokers are as knowledgeable as possible in the intricacies of their area of expertise. Failing to keep up to date and educate oneself about changes and trends within the field can potentially lead to a broker misleading or working against a client’s interests.


Finally, the complexity of the insurance business makes it essential that commercial insurance brokers know how to express themselves in as clear a way as possible about the field’s particularities, to ensure customers are not confused or misled.

Commercial insurance brokers who possess any or all three of these qualities, such as the ones working here at Watson-Laurie, can therefore be considered to be on the right track to becoming successful within the field!




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